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SGP Philadelphia Direct Marketing offers remote monitoring and performance evaluation services to businesses with both an in-house telesales program or a program that is outsourced to a call center.

SGP Philadelphia Direct Marketing will monitor live calls daily calls to ensure a balanced performance between sales and quality objectives and provide written and verbal feedback to sales supervisors and trainers, who rely on this input for accurate coaching and improvement in quality and productivity.

A long time SGP client in the insurance industry, has SGP Direct monitor inbound calls on their program daily, listening remotely as insurance representatives provide take calls and questions from customers, offer accurate information on their insurance product, and interact with customers professionally meeting all of the quality standards set by the insurance company.

SGP provides monitoring feedback results daily, verbally and in writing to all supervisors and trainers. This feedback is extremely helpful as the trainers and supervisors strive to continually improve service to their customers, as well as offer productive coaching and positive reinforcement to their customer service associates

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